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January 21

Psalm 7. Trust God’s justice.


St Mark’s is about growing people, about lives filled with the hope, purpose and community that Christ brings.

We have a pretty laid back style but we take the Bible seriously, we care about your questions and we’re passionate about Jesus.


Sunday @ 8.15am

A Prayer Book service for those who are nourished by rich traditions that have stood the test of time.

Sunday @ 10am

A contemporary, relaxed, straightforward 'all ages' gathering that includes a children's program.

Sunday @ 4:15pm

Our newest gathering that welcomes all ages and includes children's program. Kid's dinner provided each week.

Sunday @ 6:30pm

A contemporary, laid back, no mucking around, 'let's learn about Jesus' kind of a gathering.

Wednesday @ 9:15am

For those who find Sundays a struggle. Favourite hymns, a simple but traditional format and a cracker morning tea!

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A new year means New Year’s resolutions!   A great one is: ‘this year I will read the Bible right through; a little bit each day’. The other week at St Mark’s  we were reflecting on Psalm 1 and we read about the person who ‘delights in the instruction of the law and on His law…

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The heart of Christianity

The message at the heart of Christianity is infinitely rich and deep, yet so simple in can be summarised in a short animation.  If you want to get to the heart of what we’re about, have a look at . If you’d like to explore it a bit more, just rock up one Sunday and start asking questions,…

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