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January 23

Psalm 42. How are we to handle suffering?


All of our services are running on site as usual. 

Sunday 8:15am // 10am // 4:15pm // 6:30pm

Wednesday 9:30am


Sunday @ 8.15am

A Prayer Book service for those who are nourished by rich traditions that have stood the test of time.

Sunday @ 10am

A contemporary, relaxed, straightforward 'all ages' gathering that includes a children's program.

Sunday @ 4:15pm

Our afternoon gathering that welcomes all ages and includes a children's program.

Sunday @ 6:30pm

A contemporary, laid back, no mucking around, 'let'slearn about Jesus' kind of a gathering.

Wednesday @ 9:30am

For those who find Sundays a struggle. Favourite hymns and a simple but traditional format.

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Summer Psalms

Over the Summer holidays we’ll be looking at the prayer book of the Old Testament – Psalms. You’re invited to join us as we think about ancient wisdom for modern life. You can check out some of our previous Summer Psalms sermons over on our sermons page.

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