St Marks is Evangelical and Anglican.

Being evangelical means being committed to the ‘evangel’ – the ‘gospel’ – the ‘great news’ about Jesus. How does that work out in practice?

  • The death and resurrection of Jesus are at the heart of our worldview. According to the Bible Jesus died bearing the penalty that we deserve for refusing to trust God as God over us. In the death of Jesus God himself takes on the penalty for our rebellion. He does it to give anyone who will turn to Him with trust a fresh start. We will discuss that reality, we will help others work through their questions about it but we will never let go of it.
  • We’re convicted that the Bible is the word of God and so we strive to have our hearts and minds immersed in the things that God says in the Bible and shaped by them.
  • We’re committed to sharing the good news. The news of Jesus death and resurrection is great news. We think it is such great, significant and important news that we are committed to sharing it with other people so that they have a chance to start to trust Jesus too.

Being Anglican we value the stand taken by the Anglican reformers of the 16th century and the sacrifices they made. We consider the documents they hammered out (the Book of Common Prayer and the 39 Articles) to be excellent expressions of key Biblical truths.

We regularly celebrate the Lord’s Supper and practise baptism and confirmation.