Cnr Rosemount Ave and Warne St. Pennant Hills

Pastoral Staff

Craig Schafer is our pastor. Craig and his wife Julie moved to Pennant Hills in July 2008. They have two young daughters Emma and Zoe. Prior to joining the family at St Mark’s, Craig ministered at Springwood – Winmalee Anglican Churches. Craig loves talking to people about Jesus, playing a mediocre game of tennis and SCUBA diving with sharks. He drinks way too much Pepsi Max. You can contact him here.

Rick Hall is our Associate Pastor. He heads up the team at our new 4.15pm Sunday afternoon congregation as well as a bunch of other things. He loves playing with his daughters (Elise, Ashley and Laura), hanging out with his wife, Helena and drinking good coffee (often all at the same time!). He also loves to play touch footy when he can. Rick is especially excited about seeing people come to know Jesus and have their lives changed by Him.

Adam Scott is our Associate Pastor: Youth & Young Adults. He is mostly involved in 6.30pm church and oversees our youth ministries including Forge and Gap. Adam is married to Edwina and they have a little daughter Adelaide and an even smaller son Spencer. Adam is a big fan of encouraging people to live Godly lives. He also enjoys fishing, eating and spending far too much time on the computer – he’s currently devising a plan to do all four at once.

Lisa Vassallo is our Associate Pastor: Children’s Ministry Coordinator and Women’s Trainer. She oversees Children’s ministry at St Mark’s, helps support and train female leaders and is keen to think with other women about how God’s Word and prayer shapes thoughts, words and actions. She loves spending time with other people, particularly when coffee is involved, and even more so when God’s word is open. She also delights in the time she spends with her nieces and nephew.

Paul Whiting is our Associate Pastor: Seniors Ministry. He is involved in sharing the good news about Jesus with Seniors, including arranging ministry in local retirement villages. He has a bunch of letters after his name because he used to lecture in Education at Sydney University. He has been married to Jenny for 4 decades and has three children and five grandchildren. Paul plays the piano and the organ.

Shuvah Pun is one of our student pastors. She is currently studying at Moore Theological College in her 3rd (and final!) year. She is involved with 10am and 6:30pm church and enjoys meeting with women to read the Bible and seeing them know Jesus better. Shuvah is married to Joe and loves going for coastal walks and coffee with him. She also loves cooking and walking Sammy (her Golden ‘fluffball’ Retriever).

Joe Pun is one of our student pastors. He is currently studying at Moore Theological College in 1st year. He is involved with 10am and 6:30pm church and loves seeing how God’s Word changes peoples’ lives. Joe loves hanging out with his wife (Shuvah) and enjoys lifting weights, watching Netflix and fishing.

Paul Cooper is one of our student pastors. He is currently studying at Moore Theological College in 1st year. Paul is married with three kids Erin, Lachlan and Tristan. Paul likes to spend time in the cricket nets with his boys and inflicting Dad jokes on his daughter. In-between three busy kids he sometimes gets to speak with his wife Bronwen. Paul loves to see people develop in their faith and be moved to serve Jesus.