Do you see the big picture?

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Over 30 years Leigh Hatcher has carved out a career as a highly respected TV journalist and presenter. He has covered it all from the sacking of Gough Whitlam to the Olympics (see here for details).

Leigh is also a bloke who has confronted and overcome the challenges of suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the pain and hurt caused by other people’s ignorance about this illness.

And Leigh Hatcher is a man who trusts and follows Jesus Christ.

This set of experiences has forced him to clarify what really matters in this world and has given him some compelling insights into ‘the big picture’ and where our finite, individual lives fit into it.

He’ll be sharing some of these with us, as the after dinner speaker at our final Men’s Dinner for the year on on Monday November 3rd. The dinner will start at 7pm, the cost for the night is only $10 (including dinner) and you would be most welcome. To book send us an email. For the location of our building, see here.