When Jesus says stuff, he means it.

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Last Sunday at church the sermon was on Luke 18:1 – 8, where Jesus tells a story about a nasty judge and a persistent widow. The punchline was ‘always pray and never give up’.

Since I was the one who preached the sermon I decided it was a probably a good idea to let that though inspire my own praying this week.

And so on Monday I prayed for an opportunity to tell someone about the difference Jesus makes. And that afternoon I got to.

I did it again on Tuesday and Wednesday. I forgot to on Thursday. But that morning I got a phone call from a stranger asking me to talk with him about Jesus. And that afternoon I met him and told him all about Jesus and he decided that he wanted to start following Jesus.

Pray and don’t give up; when Jesus says stuff, he means it.

(And just in case you read the passage from Luke 18 and think that God is like a mean, unjust judge, you should listen to the sermon here).