Christopher Hitchens does our job for us

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Urbane, British, ‘celebrity atheist’ Christopher Hitchens was in Sydney over the weekend explaining ‘Christians bad, atheists good’ (we may have missed some of the nuance, but not much).

To celebrate we’ve posted the video clip below of Mr Hitchens in discussion with William Lane Craig (more of a ‘Jesus right, atheists wrong’ kind of a guy) where Hitchens dances around the great sinkhole of his atheism as Lane Craig tries to nudge him into it.

If you’re an atheist up for a discussion about the evidence for Jesus and the things he claimed about himself why not contact our pastor Craig and have a coffee with him (we’ll make sure he pays). If you think you need to know more about Jesus and what he claims before you could have that conversation, why not sign up for our next Jesus: An Introduction course and have some of your questions answered. The guys at the last one had a ball.