It’s pudding time!

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The Christmas Pudding Making event organised by the Women’s Ministry Team at St Mark’s Pennant Hills has become a bit of a community tradition. This year it will be even better as Christine Jensen, wife of our current archbishop, is coming along to explain the spiritual significance of Christmas as women from different generations and cultures gather from across the parish and beyond to create their delicious puddings.

We don’t want anybody to miss out, but you need to register and pay by Nov 4!

The details are:

  • Saturday, Nov 17, 2pm – 4.30pm.
  • Cost: $28 for family size pudding, $16 for small pudding.
  • Gluten free option available (just like our Lord’s Supper at 6.30pm church).
  • You need to bring some mixing bowls and things; we’ll give you the details when you register.

To register, contact us