Helping With Loss And Pain

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Life has its ups and downs. People we care about and come across experience loss of spouse, family, friends or employment. People go through unexpected sickness or long term illness. People struggle with the transition to retirement and with old age.

We often want to help those experiencing loss and pain but don’t know how and often don’t really understand what they’re going through.

But we can get better at it.

To help with that we’re running a workshop with Dr Graham Marlin on helping with loss and pain to help people of all ages and stages be better prepared to help others who are suffering loss and pain. If you’d like to be better equipped to help when those times come, you’d be welcome to come along.

The details:

  • Saturday, 22nd June, 2-5pm
  • St Mark’s Anglican Church, Pennant Hills (see map here
  • Cost: $5 (payable on the day)
  • afternoon tea will be provided

You can register by sending an email via our contacts page