Kate Bracks night was great!

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It was great to have over 140 women with us for the Kate Bracks night the other week . It was great to hear Kate talk about her Masterchef experience and also her personal faith in Jesus. We’re hoping to have some photos from the event up soon.

One memorable quote from the night, as Kate shared her story was:

After searching for answers in my early twenties, what I found was a God who had cravings of his own. He longed to be in relationship with me.

Want to try the desserts she demonstrated on the night? Her chocolate mousse recipe is here and her Dessert Wine Strawberries with Orange Honeycomb & Mascarpone is here. You’ll find more recipes at katebracks.com.

Want to find out more about the Jesus Kate knows? Come along to St Mark’s any Sunday and why not join our next Jesus: An Introduction Course?