Jesus brings…

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Life in Australia today can often feel overwhelmingly good!

Lifestyle, opportunity, peace and stability, the richness of cultures all joined together.
We love our country, our city, our home.

Yet for all the upside of Australian life, many Australians have that sneaking suspicion, that gnawing sensation that there’s got to be more to life than this. Prosperity hasn’t brought us the satisfaction we crave. And look a little closer, and we see a world far less than it was ever meant to be. Broken relationships. Broken lives. Broken dreams. We crave something deeper, richer and more lasting.

That’s because we were designed to be connected with Jesus and to receive what he brings.

At St Mark’s we love introducing people to the difference that Jesus makes. As part of that, we recently ran a teaching series focused on the topic “Jesus Brings…” You can listen to the talks below. If you’d like to think more about this stuff have a look at our Sunday gatherings. Pick the one that sounds like it might best fit you and come along. You’ll be welcome.

Here’s the details: