Discipleship At Home

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Even when we know something is good for us it can be hard to change our habits – even something simple like going for a walk. It has only taken a global pandemic, and the social isolation that has ensued, to get many of us up and about for a stroll – often the only face-to-face contact we have with people outside our homes. Suddenly going for a walk has become a helpful priority.

The days we are experiencing aren’t like others we’ve experienced before, and yet they present a wonderful opportunity. These weeks and months give us space to (re)set important new patterns for our families.

We’re spending time in our homes doing puzzles, making the most of exercise outings, understanding how to use technology we’ve not used before, and building in routines and structures that help us survive our days together. As we adapt to a new normal, we’d love to encourage you to consider how you can (re)establish the routine of being in God’s Word together as a family, finding new patterns that can continue for years to come.

Check out the following article and short videos below for some encouragement:

Why should parents intentionally disciple their kids?

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