St Mark’s Combined Nights: Single Minded Hot Topics

Resources, Youth, Adults

Throughout October our 6.30pm Growth Groups typically get together for their annual “Combined Nights”. This year we’re extending an invitation to all the St Mark’s Growth Groups to join us as we live-stream the Single Minded “Hot Topics” series.

Over four consecutive Wednesday evenings (from 7:15pm on the 7th, 14th & 21st & 28th of October) we’ll gather at St Mark’s and join hundreds of other Christians live-streaming some excellent Bible teaching on singleness, marriage, sexuality, identity and relationships. The Single Minded hot topics sessions are specially designed for singles and non-singles to think together about important topics.  

Specifically, this year we’ll be looking at:



October 7th

“Right now the world is more connected than it ever has been before. So why do so many people report feeling lonelier than ever before? Whether you are married or single, join Vaughan Roberts as he takes us back to God’s word to think seriously about the good gift of friendship. Let’s consider how the gospel compels us to take our friendships beyond the superficial.”

October 14th

How do you live well in a country that promotes individual freedom and happiness, but with a family who insists on traditional values of family and honour? Come and see how being part of Jesus’ culture can help how to wade through these complexities.”

October 21st

Joining us all the way from California (in the early hours of the morning his time!), Callaway Kutter will take us on an exploration of pop culture’s obsession with romance and sex; help us to consider how the Christian church often adopts that same troubling vision; and challenge us to see how Scripture is able to form the family of God to be both a distinctively gospel-oriented and life-giving presence in the midst of it all.”

October 28th

“In a world (and a church) which so often idealises romance, sex, and marriage what are we to make of the Bible’s teaching about Jesus’ disciples not marrying a non-Christian? And does it really apply to us today? If you’re single, come along as we carefully & sensitively tackle this thorny question together. If you’re married, join us so that you can learn how to better love your single friends who are grappling with this difficult question.”

These evenings will be a wonderful opportunity to gather, learn together, and encourage one another in Christ as we seek to glorify him together. 

If you’d like to be a part of the evenings, please register below: