Virtual Visitation

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This year we’re doing Visitation virtually. We’re making three videos to share over the next three weeks.

I encourage you to share these videos on your own Facebook page.  When you do, add a personal invitation.  When I shared it I added:

“An invitation to come, celebrate Easter at church with me and my family. For the record, my answer to the three questions are 1) ASAP, 2) Eat the milk first, then dark second, 3) The weekend that offers ultimate hope and the ultimate fresh start.”

You could do something like that, or add a line about why Easter is spiritually significant to you, with an invitation for friends to come along and be part of our Easter celebrations with you, or whatever reflects your personality.

And make sure you pray, for those who read the posts and watch the videos, pray that they will come to celebrate the one who we celebrate at Easter.