Ministry opportunities at St Mark’s


At St Mark’s, there are lots of ways that we are seeking to reach people with the gospel that happen throughout the week. In the videos below, you can learn about some of our core outreach ministries and why they are so important.

All our core outreach ministries are up and running post-Covid lockdowns, but are not yet at the level of resourcing they need to be most effective and sustainable. You can see the need of each of these ministries below. 

Each week, all these ministries create opportunities to share the gospel with our community; how awesome to be the one of the people involved in that!

Maybe working from home has created some new flexibility that means you could get involved in one of these outreach ministries, when you couldn’t when everything had to be done at the office.

Maybe you’re in a situation where you could say, “I could drop some paid work and invest the time in some of this ministry”.

Maybe you’re studying and can arrange your timetable to fit in one or more of these opportunities to serve Christ’s mission.

Maybe you’re ready to retire from full-time work, but still have plenty of offer.

Watch one of the videos below and see how you could get involved in sharing the gospel in our community.

SRE happens on Wednesday mornings at Pennant Hills Public School. Lessons last around 40mins and require 1-2hrs of preparation.

English Classes meet on Monday mornings at church from 9:30am-12pm. Preparation is required for those teaching and providing morning tea.

Play and Sing meets each Thursday from 9:30-11:30am. Turning up and talking with those who attend is the main way to be involved. Taking on other roles like preparing morning tea and leading the singing time require preparation.

St Mark’s runs three monthly services in local retirement villages (two on Friday mornings, and one on Monday morning). To be involved in the Seniors ministry would mean attending one of these services and the morning tea that follows (one Friday/Monday morning a month).

Kids Plus meets each Friday at church from 3:30-5:30pm. Involvement in the ministry includes helping with afternoon tea, the walking bus, running games, and teaching the Bible time. If preparing the Bible time, this would require 1-2hrs of preparation.

Forge meets each Friday in term time at church from 6:30-9:30pm. Involvement in the ministry includes running games, preparing supper, running prayer time, and teaching in small group discussion groups. If preparing the small group discussion, this would require 1-2hrs of preparation. Leaders also attend a meeting before and after Forge.

Kids Church (and crèche) is offered at 10am Church and Church in the Afternoon during the service. It involves helping with the various activities (songs, Bible teaching, craft, and games), and attending a meeting before church. If preparing the Bible content for that week, 1-2hrs of preparation is required.

Flame meets during 10am Church, and Fire meets during Church in the Afternoon. Flame involves running games and running small group discussions. Fire involves running a small group discussion. Both have a meeting before church begins. If leading a discussion group, 1-2hrs of preparation is required.