Little Library

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There are currently over 100 titles, and our Little Library will continue to grow. You’ll find many picture books, storybooks, and childrens’ novels for your kids to borrow and reborrow.

Also available are storybook Bibles, family devotionals and parenting resources.

We know that kids storybook Bibles and devotionals can be expensive so we would love to provide you with the option to ‘try before you buy’. Borrow one of our copies for a couple of weeks and if it’s working for your family, we ask that you purchase the book yourself and return the borrowed copy.

Some of these parent resources are available on request as we don’t want them on the shelves for any little hands and hearts to pick up without your help to understand the content of the books.  

Do you have a catalogue of your books?

Yes! Click the image above to find a searchable list of all our books via title, author, category or series. 

How long can I borrow a book for?

We recommend the following:

  • Storybooks: 1-2 weeks
  • Novels/Parenting Books: 3-4 weeks
  • Storybook Bibles/Family Devotionals: 2-3 weeks

What if I have more questions?