A virtual seminar – The Big Picture of Family Discipleship

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Monday 25th May 7:45pm-9pm

Raising kids to love and trust Jesus is a great privilege and a weighty responsibility.

Harriet Conner, author of Big Picture Parents, will help us think through intentionally passing on our vision and values as Christian parents, answering questions such as ‘What is discipleship?’, ‘What role do I play as a parent in discipling my children?’, ‘How do I pass on my Biblical vision and values intentionally?’.

Harriet writes:

“In 2013, I was feeling overwhelmed by feelings of fear, guilt, and confusion about my role as a mother. In my desperation, I decided to re-read the whole Bible from start to finish to find out what it had to say to parents like me. I went looking for little pieces of grandmotherly advice, but I found something much greater. I found a grand, timeless vision – a “big picture” – that has made sense of both life and parenthood.”

Harriet has recorded a short video for us, introducing herself. You can watch it below:

Join us on Monday 25th May 7:45pm-9pm. (You’ll need to register for this online event here: https://payments.stmarks.com.au/big-picture/)

We’re asking those who can, to make a donation to cover the cost.

You don’t have to be a parent to register and the virtual seminar will be thought provoking for anyone, so all are welcome to participate.

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Curated Resources

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